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Patrols & Alarm Response

Always on Guard - Protecting what matters most 

First Security Response takes pride in offering top-notch mobile security patrol services in Adelaide, catering to the security needs of businesses and residential properties alike. Our specialized mobile security patrols are strategically designed to establish a strong, proactive security presence within and around your premises. With trained and licensed security personnel at the helm, coupled with cutting-edge technology integration, we ensure the safety and well-being of your assets. 


Our approach to security is centered around proactive measures, understanding that true security necessitates preemptive actions. Our strategic patrols are a testament to this principle, strategically positioned to create an unwavering security shield across your property, be it a commercial establishment or a residential abode. What truly differentiates us is the caliber of our security personnel – highly trained professionals who bring both expertise and a keen understanding of the evolving security landscape. Their vigilant presence forms the cornerstone of our services, guaranteeing that potential threats are promptly identified and neutralized.

Visible Deterrence 

Our guards patrol your premises in a clearly marked security patrol vehicle, especially during the high-risk hours of the night. This presence alone can deter potential intruders. 

Strategic Patrolling

While routine is good, unpredictability is even better. To keep criminals guessing, we recommend random patrol times. A predictable pattern can give intruders the upper hand; random patrols maintain an element of surprise. 

Thorough Perimeter Checks

Our guards don’t just drive by; they undertake external perimeter walks, checking doors and windows to ensure the complete security of your premises against unauthorised entry. 

Specialised Construction Site Patrols 

Construction sites can be soft targets due to their open nature. Our patrol services adapt to such unique requirements, ensuring that your investment remains safe from trespassers and vandalism. 

Multi-Phase Security Checks

Our standard patrol package comprises an early night lock-up check, ensuring no lapses from the day’s operations. This is followed by spotlight patrols later in the night, reinforcing the security cover. 

Real-Time Reporting

In the event of any irregularity or security breach, our guards generate electronic incident reports, complete with photographic evidence. As our esteemed client, you’re instantly updated, ensuring total transparency and rapid response. 


Secure your business with First Security Response 

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