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Ajax protects your family and business from burglars, fires, and floods. If trouble comes, the system immediately activates the sirens, sends you an alert, and requests an alarm response, FSR will send patrols immediately. 

Ajax detectors immediately notice door opening, glass breaking, and motion. And if something threatens your life, click Button to call for help. 

The system immediately notifies you of smoke, suspicious rises in temperature, or dangerous levels of the invisible carbon monoxide poison. And the loud sirens built inside the fire detectors can wake up even a heavy sleeper. 

Protect your floors, carpet, and furniture from water leaks. Get notified if  pipe breaks or a dishwasher starts to leak. Use scenarios to configure an automatic water shut-off. 


If someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night, if trouble comes banging on your doors, or the robbers threaten the cashier at your store - one click of the Button requests immediate help. 


Immediately spot the intruders with the Ajax outdoor detectors and demoralize them with a loud noise of the street sirens. The entire block will hear the alarm. FSR will receive an alarm response and patrols will immediately be sent out. 

Connect any security cameras and DVRs to the Ajax app to watch all your camera streams in one place. Check the situation in real time. 


Control gates, electric locks, lights, heating, and home appliances in the app or using Button. 

Ajax received prestigious awards at the most significant professional conferences and expos around the world. On top of that, the system earned the highest reliability grade available for the wireless security systems after testing in five independent laboratories. 


Farms, villas, and even estates with stand-alone buildings - the Ajax security system can cover properties of any size, All of the devices communicate on a distance of up to 2 000,m using a proprietary Jeweller radio protocol. The hub immediately raises the alarm if someone tries to interfere with the system. It is also immune to viruses and cyber-attacks, and regularly updates over the air to add new features. 

Resistance to jamming

Immunity to viruses and cyber-attacks

Data encryption 


An essential security system kit takes 30 minutes to install. Ajax wireless detectors don't cover the walls with cables, seamlessly fit in any interior, and operate up to 7 years on the pre-installed batteries. And if you'd decide to get a pet or add a new device to the system, FSR can will reconfigure Ajax over the air without paying you any unnecessary visits. 

30 minutes set up 

Remote maintenance

Up to 7 years of work on pre-installed batteries 

Even while sipping cocktails on a tropical island, you can still keep an eye on your home with Ajax. The push-notifications update you on when the children come home or how long the cleaning company stayed in the space. At any moment you can connect to the security cameras and check whether the stove is off or how the doing is doing. In case of emergency, the hub will give you a call, send a push-notification, and SMS. You won't miss a single alarm! 

Remote control and management

Three types of notifications: 

push, SMS, calls

Access to security cameras 

Reminders to arm the system 

Use an Ajax configurator to make a security set for your needs. 

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