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Safeguarding Your Assets on the Move

Our dedicated team is equipped to handle all your cash management needs, freeing your staff from the burden of carrying large sums or change to the bank. With our experienced Cash Transit Officers, concerns about staff safety and potential losses become a thing of the past. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage from the moment your funds leave your possession until they are securely deposited in your bank. Our 24-hour cash transit service ensures that your assets are well-protected in our secure facility until your bank opens its doors. 

At First Security Response, we take pride in being industry leaders, offering dependable and secure cash transit solutions nationwide. Our highly trained Cash Transit Officers hold the necessary licenses and undergo rigorous training, upholding the highest standards of security. With our advanced Real-Time Reporting Portal, we facilitate efficient communication and reporting, keeping you informed about your cash collection details in real-time.

Elite Task Force Training

Each member of our CIT team undergoes specialised training, focusing on threat recognition, route analysis, and secure handling procedures, ensuring the utmost safety of your assets during transit. 

Real-Time Monitoring & Communication 

Every CIT operation is backed by real-time monitoring. Our central command keeps a vigilant eye on each transit, ensuring immediate response to any unforeseen events. 

Customised Routing

Understanding the importance of unpredictability in security, FSR employs dynamic route planning for its CIT operations, minimising the chances of external threats. 

Comprehensive Insurance

For added peace of mind, FSR’s CIT services come with comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring that your assets are protected against unforeseen contingencies. 

Reliable, Efficient & Punctual

Whether it’s a short distance or an interstate journey, our trustworthy Cash Transit Officers will ensure the safe and timely arrival of your deposit at your bank. 

Rapid Response Protocols 

In the rare event of a security breach or an unexpected situation, FSR’s CIT teams are backed by swift response protocols. These protocols are designed to neutralise threats, ensuring the safety of both the transported assets and our personnel. 


Choose First Security Response for the most advanced Cash-in-Transit services. Security, reliability, and your personalized solution – all in one place!

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