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Alarm Monitoring

Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring & Rapid Response

At its core, alarm monitoring is a continuous process where specialised systems keep a vigilant watch over specific zones or areas, detecting irregularities or unauthorised activities. 

Sensor Deployment

Our approach starts with the design and deployment of sensors, detectors, and cameras tailored to your property’s unique layout. Every corner, every entry point, every vulnerable spot is covered. 

Centralised, Grade 1 Monitoring

The system lies in our Grade 1 security control room. Here, every alarm, every feed, every bit of data is continuously monitored in real-time, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. 

Multi-Tiered Verification & Response

When an intrusion is detected, the information is instantly relayed to our control room. Our team swings into rapid action, verifying the breach, notifying emergency contacts, alerting local police and emergency services, and even dispatching our specialised alarm response mobile patrols. 

Integration with Surveillance

One of our standout features is the integration of surveillance cameras with our security systems. Upon any alarm activation, digital images from the scene are immediately transmitted to our control room. This not only aids in verification but also provides valuable evidence if required. 


Our alarm monitoring solutions ensure comprehensive asset protection. Are your valuable assets truly safeguarded?



Protecting homes and families is our priority. We offer advanced home security systems, alarm monitoring, and emergency response to keep residential properties safe and secure. 


From small businesses to large enterprises, our services are tailored to safeguard commercial properties, assets, and personnel. 


Retail establishments face unique security challenges. We provide anti-shoplifting measures, surveillance, and panic alarm systems to deter theft and enhance customer safety. 


Medical facilities require specialised security due to sensitive patient data and valuable equipment. Our solutions ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and swift response to emergencies.  


Industries such as manufacturing and logistics demand robust security to protect assets and maintain operations. Our industrial security solutions encompass access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection. 


Schools and educational institutions need safe environments for both students and staff. Our services include campus-wide security systems, emergency response plans, and access control. 


Hotels and resorts benefit from our tailored solutions to ensure guest safety, secure premises, and prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas. 


Elevate your business security with the frontline protection of Alarm Monitoring systems. Is your enterprise equipped for enhanced safety?

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