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CCTV, Alarms & Access Control 

Your Eyes & Ears of Security

Harnessing the power of technology, FSR provides CCTV and Alarm solutions, offering you round-the-clock surveillance and security. Our advanced systems are more than just deterrents; they are a proactive approach to security, capturing everything in pristine detail and alerting necessary channels at the first sign of any irregularity. FSR ensures that your assets are under a constant, unwavering watch. Our blend of cutting-edge technology, installation, and after-sales support makes FSR’s CCTV and Alarm solutions an indispensable part of any comprehensive security strategy. 

CCTV Surveillance

Our CCTV systems offer real-time monitoring and recording, ensuring every corner of your property is under constant watchful eyes. Our high-definition cameras, equipped with night vision and motion detection capabilities, provide round-the-clock security coverage. Monitor your property remotely through mobile applications for peace of mind, whether you’re at home or away. 

Alarm Systems 

Early detection is key to preventing security breaches. Our alarm systems provide instant alerts in case of unauthorised access, intrusions, or emergencies. With customisable sensors, and 24/7 monitoring, you’ll receive rapid response from our dedicated team and local authorities, if necessary. 

Access Control

Regulate entry to your premises with precision using our Access Control systems. From biometric identification to smart card readers, we offer solutions that allow you to manage and restrict access to authorised personnel only. Protect sensitive areas and maintain a secure environment effortlessly.


The Power of Surveillance

In a rapidly evolving digital era, staying ahead of potential threats is imperative. FSR’s dedication to continuous advancement ensures our CCTV & Alarm systems aren’t just reactive, but predictive. We take pride in innovation with reliability. By integrating AI capabilities, our systems can foresee patterns, flagging potential issues even before they arise. And with an ever-expanding digital footprint, FSR consistently researches and implements measures to prevent cyber vulnerabilities. Our CCTV, Access Control and Alarms solutions aren’t just products; they’re our promise to keep you, your assets, and your data shielded at all times. With FSR on the watch, rest assured, the future of your security is already here. 

Future-Proofed Systems: FSR continually updates its tech arsenal, ensuring your security systems remain abreast with the latest advancements and threats. 

Cyber-Safe Integration: Prioritising digital safety, FSR’s CCTV, Access Control & Alarm solutions are fortified against potential cyber-attacks, safeguarding your data integrity every step of the way.

CCTV Security, Alarms & Access Control 


Utilising the latest in CCTV and Alarm technology, FSR offers superior image clarity, remote access, and dependable alarm systems. 


From panoramic cameras to motion detectors, our systems ensure no blind spots, covering every inch of your premises. 


Our CCTV solutions come with intelligent analytics, offering features like facial recognition, vehicle number plate detection, people count, object recognition and more. 


FSR believes in making technology accessible. Our systems are intuitive, ensuring easy access and control for all users. 


Built to resist tampering, our devices ensure that malicious intent can’t disable or hinder their performance. 


Securely store footage and data on the cloud, ensuring easy retrieval and added protection against data loss. 


Enhance your business security with cutting-edge CCTV, reliable alarm systems, and advanced access control solutions - contact FSR to safeguard your premises and assets.

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