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FSR SolarX180 

FSR SolarX180 

Your Advanced Mobile Solar CCTV Solution 

The FSR SolarX180 is a mobile solar-powered CCTV system equipped with advanced Smart Ai Cameras. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, it offers reliable surveillance in various settings. Its solar integration ensures sustainable operation, while the AI-enhanced cameras provide accurate monitoring. Ideal for those seeking a straightforward and eco-friendly security solution.


High- Quality Video Capture

Experience unparalleled video quality with Ai Cameras, enabling precise identification of individuals and activities. FSR SolarX180 captures crystal-clear footage, allowing you to monitor your surroundings with exceptional clarity. 

Real-Time Illegal Dumping Detection

Combat environmental threats with FSR SolarX180’s real-time illegal dumping detection. Receive instant alerts the moment unauthorised dumping occurs, empowering you to take swift action and preserve the integrity of your community. 

License Plate Capture

Never miss a detail with FSR SolarX180’s comprehensive license plate capture feature. Our advanced system captures license plate information accurately, assisting in identifying vehicles associated with security incidents. 

Vehicle Make & Model Idetification 

Enhance surveillance efficiency with FSR SolarX180’s automatic capture of offending vehicles’ make and model. Stay one step ahead in identifying potential threats with this valuable feature. 

Real-time Notifications

Stay informed in real-time with FSR SolarX180’s prompt alerts to relevant officers and authorities. Immediate notifications empower swift response and effective resolution of security incidents. 

Actionable Alerts

Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in FSR SolarX180’s actionable alerts. Comprehensive vehicle information, including make and model, is included in alerts, expediting the response process and optimising security measures. 

Experience unparalleled security wherever you require it – reserve your SolarX180 today!

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