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Armed Security Patrols & Guards 

Elevating Security to New Heights

FSR’s Armed Guards and Patrol services stand as a testament to our commitment to provide the highest level of protection for our clients. Our armed personnel undergo specialised training, ensuring they can handle high-risk situations effectively while adhering to strict safety and ethical guidelines. Patrol services, meanwhile, are designed to provide ongoing surveillance, ensuring continuous security coverage for expansive properties or during specific high-risk periods.

Elite Training Regimens

FSR’s Armed Guards undergo a rigorous training curriculum, focusing on weapon handling, de-escalation techniques, and split-second decision-making, ensuring they’re always prepared for high-stakes situations. 

State-of-the-art Equipment 

Armed with the latest in security technology and weaponry, our guards are equipped to tackle a diverse range of security challenges, ensuring maximum protection and swift response times. 

Discrete Presence

While armed, our guards are trained to maintain a discreet profile, ensuring a non-intimidating presence while still providing the reassurance of high-level security. 

Extensive Patrol Routes

Our patrol services cover wide areas, regularly monitoring designated routes to deter potential threats and ensure continuous security surveillance. 

Real-Time Reporting

FSR’s patrols are backed by technology that allows real-time incident reporting, ensuring that clients are promptly informed of any security breaches or potential threats. 

Tailored Security Solutions

Understanding that every venue or property has unique security challenges, FSR provides customisable solutions, integrating both Armed Guards and Patrols to offer a comprehensive security package. 

Prioritize safety, offering deterrence, rapid response, and customized solutions. Elevate your security standards today – trust FSR for precision and professionalism.

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