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FSR SolarX

FSR SolarX 

The Ultimate Pole-Mounted Solar CCTV Solution 

FSR SolarX is pole-mounted solar CCTV system, leveraging solar energy for continuous surveillance in remote areas. Enhanced with AI analytics, it provides intelligent real-time monitoring, reduces operational costs, and offers a broad view from its elevated position, merging renewable energy with advanced security technology.

Pole-Mounted Design 

FSR SolarX is ingeniously designed to be pole-mounted, ensuring elevated camera positioning for maximum coverage and visibility. This strategic placement offers a vantage point that effectively monitors and secures your surroundings. 

Solar Powered Efficiency

Say goodbye to external power sources and complex wiring. FSR SolarX harnesses the sun’s energy, providing self-sustained power to the CCTV camera. This eco-friendly approach ensures continuous surveillance without utility dependencies. 

High-Definition CCTV Camera

Experience crystal-clear video quality with FSR SolarX’s high-definition CCTV camera. Our advanced camera captures sharp images and videos, enabling precise identification of individuals and events for effective security monitoring. 

27/7 Surveillance

FSR SolarX operates round-the-clock, ensuring continuous surveillance regardless of lighting conditions. With its solar-powered efficiency, the system remains active even during power outages, providing uninterrupted security coverage. 

Easy Installation

Installing FSR SolarX is a breese. The pole is securely cemented into the ground, ensuring stability and durability. Its hassle-free installation saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on other security initiatives. 

Weather-Resistant Construction

Built to withstand harsh elements, FSR SolarX is designed with weather-resistant materials, ensuring optimal performance in various environmental conditions. Rain or shine, your security remains uncompromised. 


Elevate security with AI analytics, real-time monitoring, and reduced costs. Experience advanced protection now, merging renewable energy with technology.

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