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K9 Security

K9 Security Solutions

First Security Response’s K9 Security Services are your ultimate protection partners, with a history of more than ten years. Our Security Dogs are the heart of our K9 Unit, safeguarding everything from vital sites to personal safety. What sets them apart is their incredible efficiency – they cover large areas in no time, all while ensuring safety. 

These Security Guard Dogs are masters of deterrence and detection. Whether they’re standing guard or responding to threats, they’re adaptable to any situation. With heightened senses compared to humans, they’re becoming the top choice for clients looking for effective security solutions.

Elite Training Protocols 

 Each K9 undergoes rigorous training, ensuring they respond adeptly to commands and can identify and react to threats seamlessly. 

Multi-Sensory Surveillance

Leveraging the superior hearing and scent detection of dogs, FSR’s K9 units offer surveillance capabilities that electronic systems cannot match. 

Swift Reposes Teams

In the face of a security threat, our K9 units react quickly, apprehending potential intruders or threats with precision. 

Crowd Management 

The mere presence of a K9 often deters unruly behaviour, making them invaluable for crowd control during events. 

Drug & Explosive Detection

Some of our specialised K9 units are trained explicitly in narcotics and explosives detection, ensuring venues and events are free from these threats. 

Integrated Handler Expertise

FSR’s handlers are trained to work seamlessly with their K9 counterparts, ensuring cohesive action in any scenario. 


Unlock the power of K9 security with FSR - our skilled canine partners provide unmatched protection and peace of mind.

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